Sounds have been used within many traditions here on earth to strengthen and heal the body through deep relaxation. But also to focus the mind and for meditation.

I work with different instruments at different occasions. Gongs, quarts chrystal singing bowls, some instruments from different parts of the world and my voice I will take you on a journey into deep relaxation. Just come, lie down, close your eyes and let the sounds touch you. The vibrations of sound are powerful.  Enjoy!


At the moment I am playing in my studio in Bagarmossen most sundays. Just email me to get the times for coming weeks.

I do some smaller events with friends and regulars. I occasionally do one to one treatments. Vibaration is a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Please reach out to me if you are interested in that.

If you have a space  and want to gather 10 or more people who want a soundmeditation, I will come and play.  Please connect with me by mail  if you want to join.

mail: klangresa_at_hotmail.com